Cogeneration – gas fired heat and power plants

The combined generation of power and heat in a single technological process allows 
achieving significant savings of primary power contained in fuel, as an effect leading to 
reduced emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere. What is more, power generation in a dispersed system, in the direct vicinity of receivers, allows cost optimisation in the running of manufacturing plants and reduces costs of heat production in municipal boiler plants. 
Particular popularity was gained in the first place by cogeneration units consisting in a gas engine driving an alternating current generator (in this way power is being generated), which during operation generated heat coming from cooling of the engine block, additional cooling of flue gas and intercooler cooling. This heat is used in a standard way in heating systems of production plans and for supplying heat to municipal heating systems users. 
Energotechnika, which for 15 years has been a leader in construction of hybrid cogeneration systems fired by natural gas, has built in the period of its operation over thirty cogeneration units that generate power and heat in the cogeneration system. We were the first company in Poland to install units equipped with steam waste heat boilers and flue gas condensation modules, and we were also the first company in Central Europe to implement a complete system of municipal energy autonomy – the so-called "energy village”.  Our offer comprises complex implementation of municipal and utility heat and power plants which comprise the following:
Execution of technical concepts 
  • Selection of best devices
  • Drawing up technical documentation 
  • Task implementation
  • Servicing and post-sale handling of erected facilities 
Each of the solutions we offer is tailored to individual needs of the final user, both with 
respect to capacity, as well as generated energy media.  Apart from electricity, the heat and power plants built by us can also generate heat and/or cold consisting in water with 
parameters up to 120°C, as well as technological steam with a working pressure up to 20 bar, at general efficiency of the process much over 90%. 
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