About us

ENERGOTECHNIKA was established in 1987 as Zakład Techniki Kotlarskiej. In 
cooperation with leading manufacturers, renowned designers and modern scientific centres 
since the 1990s  we have been setting out technical standards for heating plants and heat and 
generation plants in Poland. 
The company is specialised in designing and construction of energy centres in industrial 
plants, systems for thermal processing of sediments, and in the first place heat and power 
plants and boiler plants using solid, liquid and gas fuels, within the capacity range up to a few 
dozen MW and in the execution of specialised technological systems. 
During modernisation and construction of new facilities, the company is deploying alternative
renewable energy sources, such as biomass, biogas, solar energy, thermal water energy and 
uses modern technology for reducing pollution emission. In the heating generation the 
company offers the most innovative and the most effective devices and technologies that meet
the most stringent emission standards. 

Cooperation with leading centres of science, innovation and modernity allowed us to deploy 
several technologies of a globally unique nature, such as:
  • microcondensation of flue gas from gas engines and biomass boilers, 
  • thermal mineralisation of sewage sludge, 
  • system of full municipal energy autonomy "energy village" as the first one in Poland. 
Energotechnika has modernised over 140 power generating plants, built over 80 new boiler 
plants and heat and power plants, and 25 environment protection systems and 10 complete 
heating systems in cities. 

The main objective of company activity is:
  • Deployment of modern solutions based on environment-friendly technologies ,
  • Designing energy generation facilities,
  • Acting as general contractor for projects,
  • Servicing and post-sale handling of installed devices.
Energotechnika is a holder of a certificate confirming the adoption of the Quality Assurance 
Programme in accordance with the standard ISO 9001:2008​
Milestones in company history:

1987  Establishment of Zakład Techniki Kotlarskiej. This company was specialised in repairs 
and construction of boiler plants using solid, liquid and gas fuels 
1991   First gas boiler plant implemented in the "design and build” system with a capacity of 
30MW. In 1992  ENERGOTECHNIKA is established
1993   Commencement of cooperation with leading global boiler manufacturers with respect to
installation of major units using liquid and gas fuels, thanks to which throughout the 1990s we
were able to set out trends in construction of steam and water boiler plants in Poland 
2000   Establishment of a water department specialised in the construction of a Water 
Treatment Plant, pumping plant of pure water and sewage, as well as modernisation of water 
intakes and construction of sewers and municipal water supply lines 
2004   Heat and power plant equipped with cogeneration units as the first one in the history of 
the company executed in the "design and build” system
2010   ENERGOTECHNIKA commences cooperation with the engine section of SIEMENS 
with respect to construction in Poland of cogeneration units and designing heat and power 
plants that are most advanced technologically 
2011   Erection in the "design and build” system of the first Polish "Energy Centre” of an 
industrial plant. The polygeneration system generated power, technological steam and heat 
from gas during a single technological process. For the first time gas engines have been 
equipped with modules of flue gas microcondensation 
2014   Construction of first Thermal Mineralisation of Sewage Sludge system with an output 
of1200kg/h of dewatered sludge based on our own technology, which allows fully safe waste 
2015   Erection in the "design and build” system of the first Polish municipal energy autonomy
the so-called "energy village”. 
2016   Commencement of production of coal-fired large capacity boilers from the HEWB 
family, which are the most modern water boilers on the market that meet requirements of 
Directive 2015/2193 

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