Biomass-fired boiler plant

Biomass fired boilers offer an ecological and cheap source of energy. The popularity of this 
type of heating is related with the low price of renewable fuel and its easy accessibility. The 
heating material comes from forest or agricultural production, as well as from the industry 
that processes their products. Biomass combustion requires the usage of appropriate 
technological solutions, adapted to the type and humidity of fuel.
For years now Energotechnika has been a leader in the heating sector and environment 
protection systems. Thanks to cooperating with leading designers and with leading 
manufacturers of boilers that make use of renewable energy, we have managed to implement 
solutions, which have long become technical standards for biomass combustion. Particularly 
good results were achieved by us by equipping wood chip boiler plants with a flue gas 
condensation system.
The development of technologies using RES is one of the key assumptions of the EU energy 
policy and Poland has at its disposal resources of renewal energy, among others in the form of
waste timber. Biomass burning is more advantageous for the environment than the 
combustion of fossil fuels owing to lower contents  of hazardous elements.  Limiting the 
emission of pollution is an additional argument, that speaks for the use of biomass in heating 
systems of municipalities.  It should be emphasised that in accordance with the climate 
package until 2020, Poland should achieve a 15% share in RES in energy use. 
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