LACPOL sp. z o.o. Piotrków Kujawski – construction of a cogeneration system for a milk processing plant

The construction of a heat and power station for the Lacpol plant in Piotrków Kujawski has been completed. The innovative heat and power station works to satisfy the needs of the energy management of the dairy plant, producing electricity, medium-pressure technological steam and heat for the needs of drying towers in the milk powder plants and wastewater treatment plants. The facility is equipped with two cogeneration units, an Energotechnika steam recovery boiler, a heat recovery system for flue gas and a system for transforming and transmitting electricity to the company's PZO. The steam boiler cooperating with two aggregates is equipped with Energotechnika's Energo-R Type L condensing modules, which significantly increase the efficiency of the unit. Additionally, the assembly was equipped with the "Power Guard" system by Energotechnika, which allows for automatic optimization of the system operation. CO2 emissions have been significantly reduced due to the combination of the cogeneration system into a uniform thermal system with the existing steam boiler.

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